All about the Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver that Men Should Really Know

Do you know Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver? It is a must for men to have shavers for the sake of personal grooming, especially for hairy men. For men with so much hair in their body like on chest and back, and on the face such as beards, moustache, whiskers and goatee, shaving and trimming are kinds of necessity. Men usually use razors to shave, but nowadays, men use a foil shaver and a rotary shaver.

What do you know about Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver?

•    Rotary shaver will be used if men with tough skin have thick and coarse hair or beard. This is great to use if men don’t have the intention to shave every day.

•    Foil shaver will be used by men needing a mild shave, so this is great to use foil shaver every day.

Men knowing Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver must have these two kinds of shavers, judging from their differences. Besides, knowing how to use Foil and Rotary shavers properly is also a must.

Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver: How to use Foil and Rotary Shavers properly

•    Foil Shaver: stand in front of a mirror in a room with enough light. After that, put one of your hands on your neck. With your fingers, you have to pull the neck to the side. Switch on the shaver and place it on your neck with the correct angle. With a motion from the upper neck up to the face, your shaver will reach all the area around the neck. Talking about Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver meaning you should make sure you have all the hair gone before you move to another part. The jawline should be the first before you shave the face area around your nose, mouth, and ears. Don’t forget to use moisturiser to make you feel fresher and to prevent irritation.

•    Rotary Shaver: Make sure you know the most sensitive skin areas on your body, especially on your face. After that, you should avoid using this shaver if you have dry skin. If you insist, use special gels or cream. In the process, don’t forget always to rinse the blades of the shaver. Shave gently with the correct angle.

When we talk about Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver, we cannot forget about shaving gels, foams, and creams. All of them are available variously. Make sure the product you choose should have a moisturiser with its property to be able to exfoliate dead skin cells and to help get rid the ingrown hair and boost skin hydration.

Adverse effects of shaving may come up when talking about Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver since some men have irritation after shaving. Some have even harder hair, and then some have a messed-up beard or moustache, etc. So, it may be a good idea always to consult your dermatologist every time you have problems after shaving.

So, what do you think? Grooming is always exciting, right? Hopefully, this article about Foil Shaver VS Rotary Shaver will broaden your knowledge.