How to Draw a Moustache on Your Face

Johnny DeppAlthough you may think that drawing a moustache on your face seems to be a silly activity, there are actually many glorious goals that you can achieve from this activity. If you want to attend a costume party and wish to impress everyone in it with your fake lush moustache, you definitely have to master moustache drawing skill. If you are performing onstage and you have to play a figure who is known for his lush and beautiful moustache, such as European monarchs or some early presidents of the United States, you definitely cannot draw the beautiful Victorian moustache recklessly. Finally, if you are clean shaven and want to know how you will look like if you have a moustache, you need to know how to draw a moustache on your face skillfully to make sure that you will get the best impression when you finally decide to grow your moustache.

Before you grow your own moustache, you may want to read the following tips to draw a nice-looking moustache on your face. You basically need to know the right moustache style that you want to draw and the practical steps to draw a moustache on your face.

Moustache Style

You cannot simply draw irregular lines above your lips and call them a moustache. Even hand drawn moustache must have a style. Here are some of the most popular moustache styles that you should familiarize yourself with if you want to know how to draw a moustache on your face.

  1. Chevron Moustache

Chevron moustache is possibly the most popular moustache style of the 1980s. Tom Selleck is the most well-known celebrity who features this moustache style. In the animated film industry, Chicks Hicks in the Cars franchise is also known to sport this style (surprisingly, the moustache looks great on a car). This trapezoid-shaped moustache will look great on your face if you have straight hair.

  1. Pencil Moustache

This moustache style is very easy to draw with pencil (excuse the pun). If you want to look like Clark Gable or Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds, or to perform them, you can draw this moustache above your lips.

  1. Horseshoe Moustache

If you are a fan of Hulk Hogan or if you love the look of John Travolta when he hijacked the subway as Denis Ford, you will want to know how to draw a horseshoe moustache on your face. This moustache style is basically a moustache that runs along your lips’ top and sides. It looks bold and is truly a perfect choice if you want to impress everyone in your party.

  1. Scruffy Moustache

Johnny Depp is the best-known examples of celebrities who sport this moustache style. In fact, many high-profile celebrities love to use this moustache style due to its elegant and simple look. Scruffy moustache is usually accompanied by scruffy beard or stubble, so you may want to draw them if you decide draw scruffy moustache on your face.

  1. Cowboy Moustache

Cowboy moustache is like Chevron moustache that is not trimmed. It is a trapezoid-shaped moustache with the lower part left untrimmed.

All of the aforementioned moustache styles are considered simple moustaches that you can draw easily on your face because they don’t include parts that stick out too far from your face. The following moustache styles, on the other hand, are considered classic styles that require you to use more skill to draw them as they originally include projecting part that juts far from the skin.

  1. Walrus Moustache

This is a moustache that makes you look like a walrus. The historic photograph of Sigmund Freud clearly shows this moustache style. You can draw the jutting part of the moustache on your cheek to imitate its flushness.

  1. Handlebar Moustache

Handlebar moustache is possibly the most popular moustache style drawn on face. It is basically a cowboy or chevron moustache with curved ends that spiral to the top.

  1. Fu Manchu Moustache

It is a moustache style typical of Chinese people of the Qing era. This moustache style basically includes a thin moustache line that goes along the sides of the lips. The original moustache has projecting part that goes downward. You can draw this moustache straight downward along the inner part of your cheeks.

  1. Dali Moustache

Dali Moustache is almost similar to Fu Manchu moustache as it also includes thin line; however, unlike Fu Manchu moustache that goes downward, Dali moustache goes upward and outward. Just search for Salvador Dali using Google and you will know what this moustache looks like.

How to Draw a Moustache on Your Face

There is only one tool that you need to have in order to draw a moustache on your facean eyebrow pencil or an eyeliner. You basically need only one color (black preferred) for your pencil, but if you want to create a more natural look, you can use multiple pencils with different colors so that you can draw darker area in the middle of the moustache and slightly lighter area on the edge to make the moustache blend perfectly with your skin. To make sure that the penciled moustache will appear smooth and natural on your skin, apply moisturizer first on it before you draw the moustache. After you get everything done, pick any of the moustache styles that we have explained above and start drawing your moustache, you can make it better by visit

If you need a little practice, draw two adjacent rectangles on a piece of paper. Use one of them as a guide to draw a one side of the moustache (right or left) and use the other rectangle to mirror that side. Cut along the outline of the drawn moustache and fix it to your face to see how your face will look after you draw the moustache.

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