Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Your Business

You know that best commercial embroidery machine is compulsive if you want to start your won embroidery shop or you just want to start your own small embroidery company. Before you know about best embroidery machines that you can choose, you should know that there are several things that you should know first. There are several machines that cannot handle your heavy work. So, here you can get information about commercial embroidery machines for your business. 

Usually, embroidery machines were completed with multiple needles and heads as well. With the help that you can use to stitch embroidery on multiply fabrics at the same time. So, this thing can help you to reduce your work load in the less time. It means that they will help you to handle your immense orders. They also have strong motor and high speed of stitching. No wonder that they can help you to finish the embroidery in the shorter time. 

Best embroidery machines below can be selected based on your need:

1. CAMFive CFHS CT1508


This model comes from CAMFive as one of best commercial embroidery machine that had been reviewed by many people. Despite its price, you can use this machine as your best option for commercial purpose. The company offers you with after sales support and service as well as provides you with free installation as well. The best feature from this machine is powerful motor that can produce around 1000 revolutions per minute speed. 

2. CAMFive CHFS 1506

This is another model from CAMFive that you can choose. It is smaller than CAMFive CT 1508. This machine has 15 needles and 6 heads. This machine will perform the conventional flat surface such as fabric and leather. This is also compatible with devices in order to embroider beads and sequin as well. You are also able to save up more time by using this machine because all you need is your finger tips. 

3. Commercial Janome MB 4S Commercial

This machine was basically used for home use and you are able to use it in your small embroidery shops as well. This is single head machine with four professional needles. By using this machine, you can adjust your own embroidery and move to another project while this MB-4S finished it.  This MB-4S is made to work in most of embroidery formats, including that used by industry professionals as well. 

4. Brother SE1800 

This Brother SE1800 can be used for sewing and embroidery machine as well. This machine offers you with wide range of accessories such as overcasting, zigzag, zipper, buttonhole and more things. 

5. CAMFive DM1501

CAMFive DM1501

This model has lower price than other models from CAMFive. This is one of the best CAMFive models to start your new business to customize clothing, apparel and more. This machine also can be used in busy shops as well. DM 1501 can sew around 1200 stitches per minute which is faster than other domestic embroidery machines. It also comes up with multi task touchscreen and let you to add words, letters and more.

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