Lady Bikini Area Trimmer Shaver Best Reviews

Most people believe that the most important grooming tool women needed are quality hair brush, blow dryers and curling iron or hair straightener. However most women know there is a very important item that is missing from that list and that is a good bikini shaver or trimmer. Of course every girl has a razor that is always on the stand by ready to shave your legs and under arms. However, to trim the more sensitive area down there, you would need something more than a normal all purpose shavers. You definitely would need a special shaver to keep that area clean for a perfect bikini line.

Shaving bikini line is not easy because of a number of reasons. First of all, it is a sensitive area and your skin can easily get irritated. Secondly it is has a very tight space where manual shaver can be very difficult to maneuver. Last but not least, traditional razors are not designed to cut through the delicate skin. The traditional razors are better suited to do their jobs in area with coarser hair like face, legs and armpits.

Although you may think that it is hopeless and shaving the bikini line will remain an arduous task, but do not despair as we have collected the best shaver for bikini area in below list. Bikini shavers are quite inexpensive item that you would be glad to have invested in every time you are going to the beach or take a look in the mirror. Let us begin with the list for three of the best shaver for bikini area.

  1. Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC

The ES2216PC is an all in one shaver which is designed for versatility. It is able to be used for the entire body. However, the shape of this shaver is just perfect to get into the curves of bikini line. We have named it on top of the list of best shaver for bikini area because it is versatile, agile, water proof and rechargeable.

The shaver itself is small enough in size to be discrete to be carried in your hand bag. This means it will always be at the ready to shave whenever and wherever you need to. Just don’t forget to bring it! The shaver is a wet and dry shaver; hence it can be submerged completely when you feel like shaving your leg in the bath. Key features of the shaver including the three floating heads that allow the shaver to pivot without any problem into the sensitive curves of bikini line. The shaver is also hypo-allergenic which means it will not cause you any razor bumps. Look at gazblogs for more detail.

The ES2216PC also comes with a built-in pop-up trimmer that can be used to eliminate stray hairs near your really sensitive spots. Additionally, it also comes with a bikini trimmer attachment that can deal with the actual bikini line. This is particularly useful when you get to tight spots where you are not comfortable with using the larger shaver. The shaver is really an all in one shaver that is suitable to remove hairs from  your arm pits as well as legs and other areas you feel need to be shave. Therefore you can save money from the need to buy a separate shaver.

Panasonic has been renowned for their male shavers for many years, but we believe they really fulfill the needs of women with ES2216PC. Therefore we believe it is the best shaver for bikini area.

  1. Braun Silk-épilFG1110

Braun Silk-épil FG1110

Braun has been regarded as the giant in the shavers industry. However, these shavers are geared for men. Now Braun has also shifted their attention to include the female population as their target market with the introduction of Silk-épilFG1110. The FG1110 does not disappoint. Having the big name of reputation at its background, it is able to deliver what it promised to do. Additionally, it is also equipped with customization attachments that will help it in doing its job.

The shaver has a precision head that gives you the ability to shave or style the hair in your private area in a delicate way. It also included ten templates for all the shape and design you want. It is also equipped with a T-shaped head for trimming the perfect bikini line. The FG1110 is also a multipurpose shaver that you can use to remove hairs from other body parts. It is powered by a single AAA battery and is not rechargeable, so you should keep the battery supply at the ready. The FG1110 is also highly versatile, but the use of AAA battery as its source of power is somewhat of a drawback which lands it at the second of the best shaver for bikini area.

  1. Philips HP6378

Philips HP6378

This shaver from Philips is unique in the sense that it has a special attachment which allows it to function also as an epilator. In fact, this beautifully crafted shaver comes with six different attachments. The HP6378 can equipped with the precision trimmer attahment, where you can choose how long you want the hair to be. There are five settings that you can choose from between 2m to 10mm.

The micro-razor attachment of the shaver allows you to do a close shave along the bikini lines to clean up the stubborn stubble and thanks to its hypoallergenic foil, it will not cause any irritation or rashes. As mentioned above, the epilator attachment allows you to remove the hairs from their roots, which means it will be a few weeks until you have to worry about them again.

Additionally, the HP6378 also comes with two eyebrow attachments. First is the eyebrow comb that can trim your eyebrow to perfect length. Second is the micro-trimmer which is designed to perfectly shape your eyebrows. The micro-trimmer can also be used to remove stray hairs from your bikini area. The shaver comes complete with exfoliating glove, illuminating tweezers and the portable case. It is a wet and dry shaver which means it can be used in the shower or bath tub. The shaver runs on rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. However, we only placed this shaver in the last position of best shaver for bikini area because it has the most expensive price among the three units. Additionally, it also needs 10 hours of charging time which we think is just a bit too much.

Are you ready for summer? Not if you have not read this list of best shaver for bikini area. Make sure you have read and make a careful examination on which bikini area shavers among the list that will be the most suitable one for you during this summer.

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